Send Request for Quotations

How to Send RFQ?

In order to be able to send messages and to receive offers with price quotations, the Buyers need to make a FREE Basic registration*. When your compnay is registered, you can start searching for Subcontractors by using the filters of the Search Engine. Once you find a Subcontractor or Subcontractors that corresonds to your criteria, you can send them a message with request for price quotation for production or performing specific services, or message for more information about the company's equipment. You can do that by sending them a message using one of these 3 options:

  • by clicking "Contact this Company" from the Subcontractor`s profile page;
  • directly from page with the results by clicking "Contact this Company";
  • using the Messaging system in your Profile page

You will receive the replies to your inquiries in your ''Inbox''.

Every user - Buyer and Subcontractor, will be notified with an e-mail** (the mail that you had specify) when receiving a new message form another user from the platform.

* the information, provided by the buyers during the registration is ONLY visible for the web-site`s Administrator, unless they decide to contact any of the other registered users. On the other hand the information about the registered Subcontractors and their company details entered by them is visible for any visitor of the web-site

** e-mail notifications from the platform will be send to the email address that you had specified in the registration form

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