About Us

European Subcontracting Network (ESN) is a web place which connects subcontractors with general contractors in various industries such as the automotive industry, the furniture industry, the machinery industry, you name it.

The free basic registration is highly beneficial for both subcontractors and contractors. On the one hand, it gives subcontractors the unique opportunity to promote their specialized services, reach unlimited potential buyers and gain more business.

On the other hand, the free registration provides contractors (buyers) with a large data of easily accessible subcontractors, as well as the opportunity to find and reach European subcontractors fast by using different filters and specific keywords, which ultimately saves them time and money.

ESN is designed and built with the vision to be a virtual meeting place between European subcontractors and contractors from around the globe. This is why we have a whole team of digital marketers who are always on the watch of the website’s performance and visibility all over the web. We make sure all ESN members are easily approachable to anyone interested in their unique services.

Furthermore, subcontracting companies can take advantage of our premium and gold membership  which give you special advantages such as better ranking in searching results, access to messaging, receiving of e-bids, etc

Upon request we ca offer additional services for subcontractors like marketing researches, paid campaigns among specific buyers, business networking, price comparison with competitors, and other services all designed to help subcontractors reach a targeted market, expand their business, increase their sales, etc.

The general contractors or buyers are welcome to use the features of the platform for free but only after registration. The registration would give them the chance to do a precise search, send messages to suppliers, ask for quotations from any subcontracting company registered on the web site, save contacts, searches, quotations, and more, all working towards the contractors’ goal to get specific information for a highly segmented list of companies determined by previously defined criteria. Additional services such as sending e-bids to all registered suppliers just by a click, receiving of offers as a list sorted by best price, shortest delivery period and supplier`s location are exclusive advantage to general contractors registered as Premium buyers.

We strive to turn ESN into an interactive business environment in which professionals can easily communicate with each other and enjoy the platform’s benefits to the fullest. ESN’s improvement and effectiveness is our top priority, which is why we are always open to receive any opinions, suggestions and advice.

Mission statement

Our  mission is to help companies from any industry find and connect with their European subcontractors while making this process as easy and timely as possible. On the other hand, our aim is to provide the European subcontractors with the opportunity to promote their specific fields of activity, penetrate new markets and therefore, gain more business.


Our vision is to make European Subcontracting Network the most reliable source of relevant and easily accessible information about European subcontractors across all industries. This means making European Subcontracting Network the platform containing the fullest list of European subcontractors which is constantly growing and updated on regular basis.


The core values lay the firm foundation of a brand and its further development. Here at ESN we fully abide by honesty, accuracy, relevance, the idea of a community and the constant improvement. These values define not only the essence of the ESN platform and the people standing behind it, but also all of its users who by using ESN’s services comply with these beliefs.