For General Contractors / Buyers

Efficient procurement starts here.

Market research

Our advanced search engine is developed to help you find the subcontractor that fits your needs the best. In addition, you can take advantage of our professional market research service and save time searching for the best supplier. You will receive a list of companies to contact, as well as specific contact information of the decision makers.


We can help you decrease your costs and lower your risks by helping you find the most qualified companies to which you can smartsource your core business processes.

Price request

You are free to send price requests to any subcontractor across the platform you find suitable for your own business by using our messaging system in your company`s private buyer’s area. You can always access the history log of your requests and quotations. This feature is available for all registered buyers*.

*Please note that all registered buyers are hidden for anyone but the website’s administrators, unless the buyer gets in touch with a particular subcontractor. The registration of buyers is obligatory since its purpose is to avoid abuses and unreliable company profiles.


This service is exclusive for Premium buyers only*. eBid can help you save the ultimate amount of time and money while putting very little effort into it. Instead of spending hours in researching subcontractors and sorting out all the offers manually, you can send a bid to all the companies that correspond to your criteria at once. Once the bidding is finished, you will receive a spreadsheet with information about the offers which you can sort out as you wish: by the lowest price, by the shortest delivery period, by payment terms, by location, etc. This way, you can contact only those subcontractors who match your company needs the most.

eBid is the most convenient and time-saving method to identify the best subcontractors for you. Test it out today. We are available to assist you any time.

* All the registered buyers, regardless of their subscription plan have the right to organize 2 eBids auctions and experience the benefits of this service without incurring any additional costs. All Premium Buyers can organize an unlimited number of eBids.