For subcontractors

Let us open the door to new markets for you!

Digital audience

European Subcontracting Network lets you fill your company details online fast and easily.

A company profile which is more complete would appeal to your prospects and potential clients better. Include a detailed description of your company’s products and services, as well as additional information about your business, such as catalogue, production capacity, machinery used, your team, testimonials, etc.

Moreover, you can keep track of the visitors of your company profile. This opportunity will help you make important decisions for your profile and improve your company’s presence by adding new essential information. Ultimately, you can become a Premium or Gold member which would instantly improve your company’s ranking.

Launch a campaign

We can create an online campaign on your behalf to help you reach potential clients and boost your sales. By using your own requirements, we will sift out all buyers that might be interested in your products or services and send your company’s presentation to them. Contact us to get more information.

Market research

We can help you find and enter new potential markets by conducting a thorough marketing research. We are also able to gather and analyze specific data about issues related to а given product/service, type of buyers or industry. Furthermore, we can identify the most relevant companies in the industry by using appropriate marketing tools, along with the contact information of the people who make the decisions. In addition, we can research and reach prospects by using your call lists or call lists generated by our marketers.

Leads generation

Our aim is to turn ESN into a very attractive site for buyers, purchasing managers and different industries representatives, for providing / sourcing various materials and services, thus enabling the continuous growth of our buyers’ data base. All of this gives us the chance to generate leads for your business that fall under different categories/lists depending on your purpose: get a list with potential clients, have a booked meeting, send invitations to an exhibition, etc.

Cold calls

We can handle any kind of cold calling whether inbound or outbound. Our experienced sales consultants have acquired the full set of communicational and sales skills. They are trained to grasp the attention of the potential decision makers and engage them with your brand.

Arrange appointments

We can book meetings on your behalf with potential buyers of your products or services from across the globe. The buyers we contact are filtered by specific criteria pre set by you.

Price comparison

This is an exclusive service offered to Premium and Gold members only. We can give you an indication of the market price of your product/service if the information is present in our database. The report is based on a real bid placed by your competitors and will contain both the lowest and the highest prices. Contact us for more information!