Search Engine and List with Companies

We believe that we made a really precise and easy to use Search Engine. 

  • Search Engine:

Using our Advanced Search Engine, the Buyers can search for Subcontractors and sort them by different categories, such as: Country, Sector of Activity, Special Equipment, Workied Materials, Apllication Market. In the search result you will find a List of Top European Subcontractors. Here you can find a video tutorial of how the Search Engione works.

  • List with Companies: 

Digital Catalog with European Subcontracting Companies - once you register your company it will be visible in the List and it will appear in various Search Results according to the your services, products, working materials, etc. In the list with companies are visible only the registered Subcontractors and the data entered by them. The Subcontractors can take advantage of our Premium and Gold membership which gives them special advantages such as better position in search results (Gold members are listed above Premium members, and Premium members are listed above Basic members) and access to RFOs full details. The Buyers and their company details are not visible for the users in the list with companies (the Buyers data is visible only for the Administrator)