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Str. Lunga Nr.126 , Brasov, Romania
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Razvan Cojocariu
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Dear Sir ,My name is Razvan Cojocariu with this occasion, let me tell you something about me and a possible collaboration.During the past years I offered support to international Companies in researching the CEE supply market, mostly looking for suitable supply capacities for outsourcing their components. I gathered a lot of knowledge about Companies in the metal, plastic and furniture sectors.Through this message I express my wish to collaborate with Companies like yours. Our collaboration can consist of an exchange of information on potential Suppliers. Having a portfolio of knowledge of over 200 suppliers from the All the market, could be a great asset in your endeavor in seeking capable Companies for your business. So far, I was mostly searching suitable suppliers in the area of medical equipment, automotive and furniture market.Besides searching the Companies I also conduct benchmarking inquiries. I can present the drawings to potential suppliers, discuss the matter in the Romanian and English languages with them and maintain the dialogue between you and the new supplier.Furthermore, I would like to mention that I can offer the opportunity to collaborate with the following types of factories:- Plastic processing;- Pipe processing (aluminum / steel)- Sheet metal processing- Turning and milling- Casting;- Manufacturers of electric motors;- MDF processing;- solid wood furniture producers.- carbon steel rods ( CEE, Asia, Africa),- processing big metal parts ( CEE, Asia, Africa )- Others.I'm looking forward to communicate with you more details on your request.