O.S.S.L.M.T.R. ALEX Mladenovac

Sector of activity
Industry Services, Metal processing: Finishing, thermal and surface treatments, Metal processing: Forge, Metal processing: Foundry, Metal processing: Machining, Metal processing: Non-ferrous metals, Metal processing: Semi-finished products, Moulds
Special equipment
Boring machine - 5 Axes, Chain saw for aluminum / for PVC, Cutting and Machining - Complete Line, Drilling rig, Heat treatment furnace, MIG Welding, Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument, Welding machine
Worked materials
Application market
Aluminium castings
Manufacture of aluminium gravity casting parts in metal molds

Company Name
O.S.S.L.M.T.R. ALEX Mladenovac
Smajina 76 Mladenovac
+381 64 371 09 44
Contact person
Djordje Jovic
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
Foundry Alex Mladenovac Mladenovac was founded in 1996 as an independent machining workshop. As result of our dedicated work, we grew into a aluminium smelting foundry facility based in Mladenovac.We started with production of aluminium castings and aluminium casting service for our clients. Later we started with production of aluminium alloys (silumines).O.S.S.L.M.T.R. AlexLivnica Alex - Foundry Alex Mladenovac currently have three smelting facilities:– Bale out crucible furnace – 200 kg capacity– Reverberatory furnace – 600 kg capacity.– Tilting reverberatory furnace – 2500kg capacityOur firm possess a casting machine for casting ingots and a smaller aluminium castings machining center. Aluminium castings we produce are mainly for the automotive industry and the construction industry.Our firm has lots of metal molds for gravity casting. We also produce large number of accessories for aluminium gates, aluminium fences, balconies and staircases.Our team currently have five employees.Monthly gravity casting capacity is 10 tons.Monthly casting capacity of aluminium alloys (silumin) is 100 tons.Our greatest competitive advantage is the products of the highest quality and knowledge, creativity and entrepreneur