Sector of activity
Metal processing: Fabrication, Metal processing: Special machines
Special equipment
Crimping machine, Electro-erosion Rapid drilling, Laser cutting - flat products, Mortiser, Profiles bending machine, Vertical lathe
Worked materials
Application market
Machine building/Machines tools
Industrial equipment,Special machines,Moulded Shapes,Moulded plates,Metal parts,Finished products,Mills,Mechanical parts (O1 - O100mm),Equipment,Tanks for alcohol,Mixing tanks,Milk storage tanks,Reactors,Metal frames,Millings,Equipment for professional applications,Equipments,Metallic structures,Steel equipment,Speacial machines,Milling machines
Metal processing,Mechanical welding and machining,Cutting,Welding by robot,Mechanical welding,Laser cutting on sheet metal,Machining,Milling, turning,Laser cutting,Mechanical and chemical polishing and electropolishing,Metal additive manufacturing,Metal Tube Processing,Metal Sheet Processing,Special machining machinery,Metal processing - Machining,Metallic construction,Metal processing - Finishing, thermal and surface treatments,Stainless,Cut sheet metal,Milling machines,Manufacturing of metallic components,Steel sheet metal work metal sheet bending,Laser pipe cutting,Machining of stainless special steels

Company Name
Bulgaria, 4 Ruski Street Bulgaria, Stara Zagora 6002
Contact person
Zhivko Ivanov
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
DEZINTEGRATOR LTD. Stara Zagora was founded in 1981, over the years established itself as a leading manufacturer of homogenizers, vacuum mixers and reactors for the homogenization of cosmetic cream, toothpaste, hair dye, shampoos; disintegrators and components for fine grinding and homogenization of organic and inorganic materials, standard equipment for the chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries. Since the establishment of the company till now, a team of designers and technologists creates many technical developments of machinery, components and complete technological lines. Constantly expanding production nomenclature of the company is developing new machinery and improve and modernize the old developments. Much of the products produced during single samples are made on the basis of a specific job by a client. Flexible production system and the ability to solve unusual technical problems improvement and upgrading of existing machinery and equipment and developing new varieties, specifically adapted to new production are the main advantages of the company.