ATTACK s.r.o.

Tier 3
Sector of activity
Special equipment
Bender, Laser cutting - flat products, Laser cutting robot, MIG Welding, PLASMA Welding, Powder coating - Treatment line, Powder coating - Tunnel, Powder coating oven, Punching machine, Robotic welding, TIG Welding
Worked materials
Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Steel
Application market
Equipment manufacturing, Industrial subcontractors
Coatings,Sheet metal parts,Boilers
Production Parts

Company Name
ATTACK s.r.o.
Dielenská Kružná 5020/66, 038 61 Vrútky
+421 903 459 978
Contact person
Michal Bakala
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
We are Slovak company with 28years of experience in producing of parts for boilers and boilers itself, we have a lot of cappabilities in technical production.Our technologies:Laser cutting of sheets - 3 machines are available/ max. dimensions of the semi-finished product 1500x3000 /Sheet metal punching - 1 machine is available/ max. dimensions of the semi-finished product 1500x3000 /Sheet metal shears - 1 machine is available/ max. edge length 600 mm /Sawing of material - 3 machines are available/ up to D260 mm /Sheet metal edging - 4 machines are available - automated edging is also possible/ max. hemming length of the semi-finished product 1000 mm 1x 2500 mm 2x, 3000 mm 1x /Sheet metal bending - 2 machines are available/ diameter D70 mm - D1000 mm, max. edge width up to 1000 mm /Pipe bending - 1 machine is available/ dimensions 1/2" to 1" /Thread cutting - 1 machine is available/from M5 to 6/4"/Assembly welding - robotic - 4 machines / 8 workstations // max. reach radius 1500 mm /Assembly welding - by hand / 11 workplaces // MIG - MAG, TIG welding technologies /Spot welding of subassemblies - 2 spotting machines are availableBolt spot welding - 2 machines are availableAir and water pressurizationPainting with wet paint/ water-dilutable ecological paint is used /Powder coating - varnish. line/ max. part size 1500x1800 mm /Assembling assemblies and subassemblies/ area - 1200 m2 /Final packaging of products - 2 machines are available

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