8 Steps to Become a Subcontractor Buyers Will Hire Again

8 Steps to Become a Subcontractor Buyers Will Hire Again

Being a subcontractor surely looks alluring but in reality it is not always a piece of cake. On the one hand, you are indeed your own boss which comes with its benefits and drawbacks. On the other hand, you still need to stick to the requirements of the general contractor. As a consequence, certain difficulties may occur while carrying through the contract while you give your best to do the job right.

Luckily for you, there are certain steps that will help you overcome the most common difficulties subcontractors face and ultimately, become a subcontractor that will surely get hired again.


Step 1: Cover all the bases.

The first step is to make sure you have a detailed contract that lays out the intrinsic provisions of the operation of the contract.

When it comes to contractual agreements, it is normal for different parties to experience disputes later when the work is in progress. In such cases, make sure that the manner in which such disputes are to be spelled out is written in the contract. The original contract must state out the manner in which the disagreements are solved and the way in which the two parties will move forward to the completion of the project.


Step 2: Don't be tempted by more work than you can handle.

Secondly, the subcontractor must not take too much to be incapacitated later on with the tasks at hand. So, if you really want to get hired again, first of all, you need to do your job well. This won’t happen if you’ve taken on more work than your capabilities and resources allow. Even if the temptation is big, don’t let it slip you.

What you should do is make a step backwards, focus, think about your opportunities, estimate your resources, and then calculate how much work you are indeed ready to take on. Remember, your chances of getting rehired increase if your motto is: quality, not quantity.


Step 3: Know your rights well.

When getting into a contractual agreement, you need to be fully prepared for every situation. Therefore, understanding your rights and responsibilities are vital for you as a subcontractor and an employer. This means, as an employer you are fully responsible for all of your subordinates regarding their safety. In addition, as a subcontractor, you are accountable for the scope of work described in your contract.

Knowing the law is extremely important not only regarding your responsibilities but also the rights you lawfully have. In case of unfair practices, the law works in your favor.


Step 4: Keep your brand fresh in the buyer’s mind.

Always make sure that you are promoting your brand and your business as they are. Misleading advertising will do you no good in the long term.

In the sea of subcontractors out there, it is extremely important to find a way to stand out. Begin by building a brand. Many subcontractors may have the capability to get the work done right but a strong and recognizable brand is indeed the most powerful asset your business can have. Think what distinguishes you from the competition and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Even more, let your brand communicate this competitive advantage in every advertising, message or marketing activity you organize. When the buyer needs to hire again, the subcontractor with the strongest brand will come to the top of their mind and it depends on your efforts if that brand is going to be yours.


Step 5: Spread the good word for yourself.

The word of mouth is probably one of the most powerful marketing techniques which you should definitely take advantage of. People may not always believe ads but they tend to believe other people’s opinions, especially if these are respectful and recognizable brands. Ask previous partners to write recommendations which will help your potential buyers make an informed decision.

It’s important to make sure these recommendations and opinions are genuinely positive. The simplest way to achieve this, is always give your best when working on a project. Deliver the high quality service you’ve promised, and even outdo yourself if possible. This will surely get noticed and be rewarded in future with more business for your company.


Step 6: Double-check your funds.

Have in mind that most of the time you will get paid after you’ve completed the job. This is why it’s extremely important to estimate in detail all of your costs beforehand and then make sure your available funds will cover the payments for workers, needed materials and others.

Skipping the math may cost you the timely completion of your work which will certainly result in lower chances of getting hired again by the same contractor.

Transparency is also important. Keep record of your expenses related to the working process. This will help you take advantage of tax deductions at a later stage.


Step 7: Respect your general contractor.

If you want to be rehired, it’s obligatory to be loyal and reliable to your general contractor. This means, if any disagreements in the workplace ever occur, you should raise this issue to your general contractor and not the project owner.

Also, make sure at all times that your work puts you, as a subcontractor, and the general contractor in a good light. After all, they are the ones who put their trust in you. Answering them with the same respect is a must, if you want to work on future mutual projects.


Step 8: Don’t forget your business goals.

Probably among the firsts of the firsts: make sure you have set clear business goals and you’ve created a business plan in achieving them. This must happen before taking on any project in general.

The growth of your business is your number one priority which won’t happen if your actions are chaotic. Know your target market, know your competition, know your strengths, know your capabilities and know what makes you different. Thise factors will help you walk confidently towards your goals and will certainly turn you into a desirable subcontractor with a stable business.


To sum up,

turning into a subcontractor that businesses will want to hire again is not an easy job but it’s certainly achievable. Follow these steps to overcome any difficulties that come your way and ultimately, you will become a subcontractor buyers will want by their side.

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