Основна дейност
Матрици, Пластмаси: Полуготови и готови изделия, Пластмаси: Последваща обработка и довършителни операции, Производство на прецизни детайли - до 10 см3, Формиране на каучук / екструзия, Формиране на термоелементи / композити, Формиране на термопластични материали
Специализирано оборудване
Гилотина , Машина за леене под налягане, пластмаса, Машина за спояване на платмаса , Преса, Преса за дълбоко изтегляне , Стругова машина(Струг), Хидравлична преса, Щанца
Обработвани материали
PC-ABS, Алуминий, Пластмаса, Полиамид (PA), Полиетилен (РЕ), Полиетилен с висока плътност (PEHD), Поликарбонат (PC), Полипропилен (РР), Силикон, Термопластичен материал
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Индустриални подизпълнители
Electronic Production,Healthcare Products,Special tools,High Performance Plastics,Engineering Plastics, Electronic Products, Die casting parts, Industrial subcontractors,mould for plastic,plastic mould,Details and components on make to order basis,електрически компоненти,Elastomeric sealant,Serial production,Micro injection molding,Injection molded parts made of PE,silicon material ,cnc metal work, cnc nikkle work, metal sheets, cnc plastic work, plastic pattern
Forming of thermoplastics,CAD Design Service,3D Repair Service,3D printing materials and achievements,Moulds for plastics,Injection Molding,Production Parts,Rough fabrication,Milling,Transfer moulding,Cutting for press,Industrial cutting & stamping of technical parts,From prototype to mass production,Supply and tooling for moulds,Design of Models and Prototypes,Automation of the production cycle,Good Customer Relationships,Small to Medium Batches,Mass Production,Semi-finished and finishing products,Small-scale production pieces,Technical Support,Design according to specifications or drawings,Ordering of necessary parts,Mechanical assembly,Precision machining,Pressure dies casting,Multi-material injection,Mass production and middle production pieces,Direct plastic injection,Extrusion blow moulding,Injection moulding (ZMC),Moulding/Casting of electronic assemblies,Injection moulding machines, turning,Post production processes such as heat treatment, machining or surface treatment are possible

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Bulgaria , village Yagodovo Industrial zone
+359 899 26 80 38
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Teodora Chukova
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BG 206727439
The company offers the production of details assigned by the client, from the design and production of tooling to molding and injection molding. We also work with customer made tools. We offer a non-standard approach to solving engineering and technical tasks, dictated by the long-term experience and in-depth knowledge of our qualified production team. Our company assumes responsibility for the production of details of the highest quality in short technological terms.