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Sheet metal parts

Firma Arkan Kazimierz Białas
Śmigno 11 g ,33-140 Lisia Góra , Polen
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Beata Mikuła
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We can boast of an impressive machine park, completed projects and cooperation with a large number of companies including foreign companies. We provide services in the field of: preparation of steel surfaces, powder painting, (dimensions of the furnace 8m x 2m x 2.25m) We make stainless steel balustrades, structural steel, steel bus shelters We also provide services in the field of metalworking. The company`s latest investment is the purchase of a punching machine with the FINN POWER laser PLATINO FIBER 2.0 and the AMADA press brake. From the beginning of April 2017, we have a new FINN POWER laser model Platinio Fiber 2.0. It is the fastest and most modern laser in the area. It is also environmentally friendly. Platinio Fiber 2.0 has technologies that allow cutting such material as: structural steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass. It also allows engraving plates, and cutting holes in square profiles. The technology used is characterized by high accuracy and quality of metal processing. A touchless cut affects the thin sheet without affecting the structure. The maximum thickness of cutting metal: * structural steel up to 20mm * stainless steel up to 12mm * aluminum up to 12mm * Brass up to 8mm * Copper up to 8mm .Working area 30000x1500mm and 4000x2000mm. The operation of the press brake consists in exerting the pressure of the stamp on a given steel element. It is a very popular method of metal cold forming usually used for steel sheet. In this way, you can produce many components, eg electrical boxes, gas boxes, clothing cabinets, shelves, etc. Using the press brake a constant curvature of the workpiece is obtained We have in our offer press brake AMADA HFE-M2 130,3 pressure force 1300kN and servo-electric press brake PRIMA POWER EP 2040, year of construction 2020. Powder coating - consists in applying powder paint to the metal coating with the help of suitable painting equipment. Powder painting uses electrostatic or electrokinetic spraying (tribo). After applying the appropriate amount of paint, the elements are heated to about 200 degrees Celsius, as a result of which the powder paint melts and polymerizes. The paint coating obtained is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, high temperatures and damage. The Arkan company specializes in powder coating of steel and galvanized elements. We have a modern painting line with an automatic pressure washer For painting details, we use powder paints from reputable companies (TIGER, IGP, Govesan, Inver, JOTUN) and others on customer`s request. The paints have a qualicoat certificate The maximum dimensions of painted elements are: 8mx 2m x 2.35m POLAND Śmigno 11g 33-140 Lisia Góra Website: Facebook: