Bendis Welding Equipment SRL

Основна дейност
Металообработка: Леярна, Металообработка: Полуготови изделия, Металообработка: Производство на метални структури, Металообработка: рязане и пресоване/изтегляне, Металообработка: Рязане с винт, Металообработка: Цветни метали, Обработка на фина ламарина
Специализирано оборудване
Oгъваша машина - Профили, Валци , Лазерно рязане - плоско, Лазерно рязане - тръби и профили, Машина за заваряване , МиГ заваряване , Оборудване за плазмено рязане , Огъваща машина - Тръби, Режещ трион за алуминий / за PVC, ТИГ заваряване
Обработвани материали
Алуминий, Въглеродна стомана, Инконел, Мед, Месинг, Неръждаема стомана, Никел, Стомана, Титан, Хром, Цветни метали, Цинк/Сплави на цинк, Черни метали
Сфера на приложение
Авиация и самолетотроене, Здравна/Фармацефтична, Индустриални подизпълнители, Металообработка
Welding by robot,Mechanical welding,Welding,MIG, MAG, TIG & Point Welding,Welding MIG and MAG methods,Welding of materials like Aluminum and Stainless Steel by TIG welding,Welding of sheet metal parts on pipes,Flange welding on pipe end,Welding of nuts, hooks etc. on pipes,Semi-automatic welding by inert or active gas,Manual arc welding,TIG welding,Electric Welding,TIG welding technology,Fabrication, mechanised welding,Welding robot,TIG/MIG welding,Assembly by welding,Welding repair,Welding Parts,Mechanized welding,precision welding, TIG & Point Welding, Welding (111,HVAC , Welding (111, 131, 135, 136, 138, 141), DN15 – DN500, steel, Inox, PVC, cooper, „Bliucher & various types pipe fitting applications, Pump , valve & various equipment installation),Welding of steel or aluminum spondles,Carbon steel welding,Stainless steel welding,Aluminium welding,Weldings,Robot MAG welding,Hand welding,arc welding,PROFESSIONAL WELDING,welding works

Bendis Welding Equipment SRL
Str. Cetății 300, Florești 407280
Лице за контакти
Ciumacenco Nicusor
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We are a Romanian company, located in Cluj Napoca and we have long experience in carrying out works in metal structures, food and pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, shipyards. We have possibilities for Mig-Mag welding, Tig / Wig, plasma cutting and laser cutting. We can execute works in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We would like to form a partnership with your company to develop future projects.We have a hall of over 1000 square meters equipped for welding works. We have specialized personnel, perhaps because we are one of the most well-known companies in Romania regarding the sale of professional welding and cutting equipment. Being the only importers in Romania of Migatronic equipment, it was easy for us to take the step towards production.Bendis Welding Equipment was founded in 2014 and since then through a lot of work and dedication we have managed to build an organization recognized for fairness and professionalism. At the moment we have 8 people dedicated to the production area and the number continues to increase, since we have more and more requirements. We have performed, as subcontractors, works (railings) for companies from Austria, France, Germany and Belgium.