5 European Organizations You Can Join as an Automotive Industry Subcontractor

5 European Organizations You Can Join as an Automotive Industry Subcontractor

Building your reputation as an automotive industry subcontractor takes good networking skills and a commitment to customer service. You can offer both as an automotive industry subcontractor by joining the right professional automotive industry subcontractor organizations.

These European automotive industry subcontractor groups all have different requirements, and you may not qualify to join all of them. Regardless of what kind of automotive industry subcontractor you are, you’ll find at least one automotive industry subcontractor group that can connect you with new buyers and service users to expand your business. Make 2018 the year you reach your goals with the help of other professionals in your industry.


CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers)

The largest and most general automotive industry subcontractor group that still specifically serves the interests of the automotive industry subcontractor is the European Association of Automotive Suppliers. Also known by the acronym CLEPA, this organization has over 3,000 member companies that represent the full variety of the automotive industry subcontractor spectrum. The organization is constantly negotiating with some of the biggest regulatory boards and political bodies in Europe, including the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Your membership as an automotive industry subcontractor helps supports these efforts and gives you access to unique events held by the organization in convenient locations across the continent. Any company producing supplies for the automotive industry, from raw materials to prototyping services and finished components, is welcome to apply for membership with the organization. You can learn more about the European Association of Automotive Suppliers and their benefits to the automotive industry subcontractor by checking out their website.


FKG (Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association)

The Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association (FKG) only represents suppliers and automotive industry subcontractors from Scandinavia. However, this small country represents a large percentage of the suppliers for the entirety of Europe. Joining the FKG will make you one of over 350 members working together to build the Scandinavian automotive industry.

Listing yourself as an automotive industry subcontractor with this organization can help you build contacts both within the country and across the rest of Europe. The FKG organization works hand in hand with CLEPA to build international agreements for the good of all of their collective members. Their website includes an extensive database in which you can add your information as an automotive industry subcontractor. Buyers and manufacturers in the automotive industry can find you and contact you for new work at any time. If you’re an automotive industry subcontractor located in Scandinavia, visit the FKG website to learn how to apply for membership.


SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders)

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, or SMMT, serves the automotive industry subcontractor sector in the UK. Both manufacturers and subcontractors are invited to join, making this a powerful association to seek membership in as an automotive industry subcontractor. The group already includes 700 different companies from across the UK.

Share your experiences with your fellow members of the industry, or find new connections to build your reputation as an automotive industry subcontractor. Even aftermarket parts manufacturers, design specialists, and trailer builders can join the various parts of the SMMT. They maintain their own searchable database for manufacturers to search for your automotive industry subcontractor services. Visit their website to read the membership prospectus and contact the membership ombudsman.


VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry)

Germany represents one of the largest shares of the European automotive industry, both in the independent manufacturing sector and the assembly of the finished vehicles. Choosing Germany as the location for your work as an automotive industry subcontractor gives you a central location, plenty of connections, and the qualifications to join the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).

This professional organization represents the interests and needs of nearly 800,000 employees working in the German automotive industry. Whether you’re a supplier or a car manufacturer, there’s plenty of events and research and development grant opportunities to help your company thrive. Check the VDA website to find out how you can apply for membership as an automotive industry subcontractor.


IndustriAll European Trade Union

Finally, consider joining at least one wider trade union based on the type of manufacturing work you do as an automotive industry subcontractor. If you’re a chemical producer, metal processing, tooling manufacturing, or leather provider for fine interior upholstery, you’ll qualify for membership in the IndustriAll European Trade Union. It combines the formerly separate European Metalworkers’ Federation, the European Trade Union Federation for Textiles Clothing and Leather, and the European Mine, Chemical and Energy Workers’ Federation. Learn more about their membership requirements on their website.


No matter what other organizations you join, don’t forget to sign up for European Subcontracting Network. We’ll list all your services and skills as an independent automotive industry subcontractor so you can be contacted by automotive buyers of all kinds.