Which Parts of Europe Provide and Use the Most Furniture Subcontracting Resources?

Which Parts of Europe Provide and Use the Most Furniture Subcontracting Resources?

Furniture subcontracting has long been a historical backbone of manufacturing across Europe. Manufacturing in general contributes nearly 10 percent of the total economy of European Union members, and furniture subcontracting makes up a substantial percentage of that industry. But unlike other types of manufacturing, both furniture subcontracting and finished assembly are concentrated in certain countries and even specific cities across the continent.

While Asian furniture subcontracting companies and supplies contribute heavily to furniture manufacturing in Europe, the demand for internal furniture subcontracting partners is continuing to grow in 2018. Learn which parts of Europe are driving demand for new furniture subcontracting opportunities, both as manufacturing hubs and importers of parts and finished products.



IKEA is main name in furniture design, manufacturing, and supply that most of the world associates with Sweden. However, there’s a robust sub-industry of furniture subcontracting providers located in this Scandinavian design and manufacturing center. Easy access to affordable supplies of raw materials drives growth of furniture subcontracting in Sweden since producers can ship the components and products they produce to the rest of Europe thanks to rail and port shipping opportunities.

The country also hosts events designed specifically for the furniture subcontracting industry, including the Interior Competence & Components show at the Elmia Subcontractor convention, to foster growth and cooperation between companies. Products designed and built by Swedish furniture subcontracting companies are widely imported by assemblers in the US, UK, Canada, and Russia.



Estonia is a relatively small contributor both to the total production levels of Europe and furniture subcontracting in general, but furniture subcontracting represents a large percentage of the country’s export business. The furniture subcontracting companies producing raw materials and on-spec components in Estonia primarily export them to the major assembly companies in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and the rest of Northern Europe. Many of the finest high-end brands are made with at least one major contribution from the furniture subcontracting industry in Estonia.



Italy is one of the biggest exporters of both fine and mass produced furniture subcontracting products, with their sales going to Asia, Russia, the US, the UK, and the rest of continental Europe. This is because Italy is home to both a strong furniture subcontracting industry and plenty of assemblers and marketing firms. For most of the past ten years, Italy has topped furniture subcontracting industry records for highest sheer production value. Only a powerful furniture subcontracting industry can keep this kind of production going year after year. With Italy providing nearly 20 percent of the total manufacturing production of the EU, it’s not surprising how much furniture subcontracting comes from this design powerhouse.



Germany ranks second only to Italy in terms of furniture manufacturing production in recent years. It outranks Italy in terms in manufacturing production as a whole, so it’s not surprising that there’s such a large furniture subcontracting and exporting industry within the country. Germany is also one of the major importers of the products offered by furniture subcontracting companies across Europe and Asia.

As with the rest of the European countries listed here, Germany’s furniture subcontracting and manufacturing industry is primarily dominated by micro-businesses with 10 or fewer employees. These small furniture subcontracting companies have the experience and tight-knit business structure to ensure every product meets the same stringent quality standards. Small businesses drive the furniture subcontracting industry throughout Europe because it only takes a few employees to offer furniture subcontracting design services and to operate the high-end manufacturing equipment available today.



One of the biggest exporters of finished mass produced furniture to the US, UK, and Canada is Poland. Its connection to the natural resources of Bulgaria, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Estonia allows for inexpensive manufacturing of both components and finished products all in the same facility. For companies preferring to use furniture subcontracting services, Poland has its own strong sub-industry and relies on companies from neighboring countries for affordable design and manufacturing services. Poland employs over 10 percent of the total furniture subcontracting and manufacturing labor in the EU industry, so there’s plenty of room for growth within this centrally located country as well.



Finally, France is generally ranked as the third largest producer of furniture and a major source of demand for furniture subcontracting services. France also imports large amounts of finished furniture and parts each year, driving demand for furniture subcontracting in other parts of Europe as well. France is also home to some of the largest consolidated manufacturers in the European furniture industry, making it a major target for furniture subcontracting providers from across the continent.

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