The Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation, LLC

Elektronik-Fertigung, Industrieanlagen und Zubehör
Spezialisierte Ausrüstung
3D Drucker
Verarbeitete Materialien
Engineering/Konstruktion/Forschung, Geräteherstellung, Industrielle Zulieferer
Microprocessor apparatus of shaft signaling MASS,Complex distributional device KRU series IGEA T,Cоntrol stations with air-cooled frequency adapters,Control station mining explosion-proof SU-RV,Group complex distributional device GKRU-RN-6/10 series IGEA T,Complex distributional device SF-6 gas insulated KRUE series IGEA S,Energy saving fluorescent explosion-proof lamp SVEL- 11,Mining supply unit BPR,Control station type SU-RN
Industrial Maintenance,Diagnosis and expertise: Electricity,manufacture of electrical and automation equipment,Industrial Installation

The Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation, LLC
5 Metyavichi roadway, Soligorsk district: Republic of Belarus, 223710
+375 174 21-06-17
Alexander Stepurko
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The Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation, LLC, is an engineering and manufacturing company. We are the part of the group of companies Passat, which has more than 20 years history of serving of enterprises of mining and chemical industry.WE SPECIALIZE: in the development and implementation of integrated automation solutions; in manufacture of electrical and automation equipment (including explosion-proof) with the use of innovations; in modernization of mining and chemical industry; in performance of research and design work in mining and chemical industries.THE INSTITUTE CARRIES OUT FULL RANGE OF ACTIVITIES:comprehensive survey of production and development of technical proposal, based on the most efficient and cost-effective solutions;development of comprehensive project of manufacture modernization, including reasonable specification for the supply of process equipment;supply of necessary technological equipment, automatic control systems;laying of necessary networks and communications;installation of the equipment;setting up of the equipment with an optimal parameters.