SIA Kurz

Feinblechbearbeitung, Metallvearbeitung: Halbzeuge, Metallvearbeitung: Zerspannen, Metallverabeitung: Eisenmetalle, Metallverabeitung: Herstellung, Metallverabeitung: Veredelung, thermische und Oberflächenbehandlung, Schweißen
Spezialisierte Ausrüstung
Blech-Faltmaschine, Guillotine, Injektor-Sandstrahlkabine, MIG-Schweißen, Pulverbeschichtung - Behandlungslinie, Pulverbeschichtung - Tunnel (AMADA HFE 100t and AMADA HFE 80t ), Pulverofen, Sandstrahlkabine, Stanzmaschine (Prima Power E6X )
Verarbeitete Materialien
Aluminium, Kohlenstoffstahl, Stahl, Zink/Zink-Legierungen
Bauwesen/Konstruktion, Engineering/Konstruktion/Forschung, Geräteherstellung, Industrielle Zulieferer
Railings,Metal frames,Metal parts,Metal Structures,Metal structures for furniture,Sheet metal parts,Steel products,Weldings,Metal constructions,Gates,Facade balconies,Metal components,Welding Steel Parts,Anti-fire doors,Metal sheet products,steel structures,sheet metal fabrication, welding,steel parts, Steel Containers,cnc metal work,Steel frames,Sheet metal transformation, Painting,Steel doors,Stair case,Fences,Staircases,Safety rails and fences,Fences manufacturers,Handrails,steel processing,Metalworks,Gates and Railings
Metal processing,Steel sheet metal work,Welding,Metal processing services,Welding MIG and MAG methods,Welding of sheet metal parts on pipes,Punching,Punch press CNC,Metal working,MIG/MAG,Industrial sheet metal work,Perforated sheet metal,Assembly by welding,BENDING OF METAL SHEETS,Welding Parts,Sheet metal folding, thermal and surface treatments,MIG,Punching on CNC turret press, max thickness 3 mm carbon steel,Mig Welding, Sheet Metal Bending , CNC Punching,Metal processing - Finishing,Sheet Bending,Railings, handrails and tubular arched portal

SIA Kurz
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Our company has been at the forefront of metal processing and steel door manufacturing since 2017, demonstrating unparalleled expertise in not just manufacturing but also delivering European standard-certified quality products to clients in Scandinavia and Western Europe. We excel in CNC punching, CNC sheet metal bending, MIG/MAG and TIG welding, shot blasting, and powder coating. Our product range includes steel doors, railings, metal stairs, sheet metal parts, steel structures, and facades. We offer bespoke engineering and production tailored to clients' needs. Rest assured, our product quality meets European standards certification, reflecting our commitment to excellence. We are certified in compliance with the European standards EN 1090, EN 16034, and EN 14351-1.With specialized metalwork expertise, we offer in-house capabilities to handle projects with precision and dedication. Our streamlined production processes ensure cost-effectiveness and an economic edge. We have a strong track record of timely project completion through efficient workflow and robust logistics partnerships. Additionally, our scalable production capacity allows us to meet specific project requirements without compromising quality or timelines. Embracing innovation and problem-solving, we offer progressive solutions to complex challenges in metalwork.