Metal KLS

Feinblechbearbeitung, Industrielle Dienstleistungen, Metallvearbeitung: Zerspannen, Metallverabeitung: Herstellung, Schweißen
Spezialisierte Ausrüstung
Laserschneiden - Flachprodukte
Verarbeitete Materialien
Aluminium, Bronze, Kohlenstoffstahl, Kupfer, Messing, Metalle Eisen, Metalle Nichteisenmetalle, Nickel, Rostfreier Stahl, Stahl, Titan, Zink/Zink-Legierungen
Bauwesen/Konstruktion, Energie/Kernenergie, Geräteherstellung, Industrielle Zulieferer
Structural components,steel structures
Industry Services,Machining,Bending,Laser cutting,Weigh control,Installation and fabrication of steel structures

Metal KLS
str. Principală 299A RO-407145 Căpușu Mare
+33 782 47 01 87
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Metal KLS | Build with Transylvanian SteelWe are a Transylvanian company which started as a spin-off of the family-owned business AIDO Construct. Over the past decade, we have strongly developed our business activities in the field of steel construction. Today, the company is EN1090-certified for steel structure fabrication (cutting, assembly, welding, painting, galvanization) actively managing the quality and sustainability of its services and products. The company is also subcontracted all over Europe for steel structure erection, bridge building, industrial facade installation, roof and wall cladding, and pallet racking and storage shelving system assembly.Our dedicated customer service and high quality requirements have allowed us to exceed expectations with customers throughout Europe. Our team has successfully delivered steel structures for industrial buildings and platforms, warehouses, gas stations, office buildings, architectural facades and even agricultural buildings. Altogether we have served the high demands of 100+ customers in Romania, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Norway.With customer experience in mind, we continue to develop our metal works expertise. Our current manufacturing capabilities also include a wide variety of CNC machining and industrial sheet metal fabrication services including forming, stamping, shearing, folding, turning, cutting, shaping, bending, milling, etc