Rubate metal LTD

la Lettonie 
Secteur d'activité
Métaux: Chaudronnerie / Constructions métalliques , Métaux: Découpage, Emboutissage, Métaux: Finition, traitements thermiques, traitements de surfaces, Métaux: Machines spéciales, Métaux: Produits Semi-finis et procédés, Métaux: Usinage, Soudage
Équipement spécialisé
Cabine de grenaillage, Cabine de peinture, Cintreuse (HCT ), Cintreuse de profilés (Bystronic ), Découpe laser - produits plats (Ercolina ), Découpe plasma (Bystronic, Ermaksan ), Equipment d`Oxycoupage (Esab, Magmaweld, Migatronic, CEA ), Machine de pliage de tôle (Esab, Magmaweld, Migatronic, CEA ), Machine de soudage (Esab ), Massicot (Bystronic ), Perceuse radiale (Koike ), Poste à souder par points (HACO ), Presse hydraulique (Koike ), Soudage MIG (USSR ), Soudage TIG (Bystronic )
Matières travaillées
Acier, Acier au carbone, Acier inoxydable, Aluminium
Marché d`application
Agriculture, Automobile, Construction de machines/Machines Outils, Défense/Sécurité/Armement, Fabrication d'équipement, Industrie de construction/Bâtiment, Sous-traitants industriels
Containers,Wind turbines,Building accessories,forklift parts,gas burners,grader equipment,tractor equipment
Laser cutting,Spot welding,Shot blasting,Welding,Powder coating,Tube and Profile Bending,Plasma cutting,Press bending,Oxygen cutting,Tapping,drilings,saw cutting,wet painting, sand blasting

Rubate metal LTD
Latvia. Gulbene. Balozu street 4, LV4401
+371 28640241
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Limited Liability Company "Rubate metal" was founded in 2006. The main activity of the company is metal processing - production of metal products. The company offers its existing and future customers a wide range of services related to metal processing, which includes processing of customer's drawings, metal cutting, sawing, Over time, the company has purposefully developed, production facilities have been expanded, modern technological equipment has been purchased and the number of employees in production has increased. The main sales market of SIA "Rubate metal" is Norway, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, France, USA, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia.Our valuesQuality - We provide quality products and services. Each client is offered an individual approach, finding out his needs and wishes.Employees - Employees are provided with a healthy and safe working environment. Employees' knowledge and skills are improved both on site and through various training courses.Environment - We make sure that the company's production process has the least possible impact on the environment.Development - The company's operations are purposefully developed, production efficiency is increased in accordance with market trends and customer needs.