IVIK Holding Group

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Equipements industriels et accessoires, Maintenance Industrielle, Services à l'industrie, Еlectronique: Composants actifs
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Ingénierie/Recherche, Electronique, Environnement, Fabrication d'équipement, Prestataire de service, Sous-traitants industriels, Transport/Logistique
Boiler,Exhaust systems,Heating and ventilation accessories,gas burners,Boiler works,Induction heating systems,Urban heating system software,Air conditioning systems,Gas and barometric pressure sensors,Ventilation products,Air conditioning pipes,Gas meter components,gas supply systems,Gas regulating sytems,Heat Pump Systems,Supply and exhaust Units,Noise Insulated Fans,Roof Fans
Air treatment,TRAINING,REPAIR,Maintenance products and equipment,Repairs,Product Training Sessions,Centralised maintenance,Tailored solutions,Repair service,1)Pipe fitting & equipment installation ( HVAC , Welding (111, 131, 135, 136, 138, 141), DN15 – DN500, steel, Inox, PVC, cooper, „Bliucher & various types pipe fitting applications, Pump , valve & various equipment installation) 2)Outfitting (Sealing for ,HVAC , valve & various equipment installation),Noise insulated vans,supply and exhaust units with heat recovery,Ventilation Systems,air conditioner installation and maintenance,water supply to heating points and boiler houses,installation of ventilation systems,installation of heating systems,installation of gas supply systems, INSTALLATION, REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE : - Boiler equipment; - Equipment for coal and ash transport - belt conveyors; - Аir heating installations; - ESP /Electrostatic Precipitators/; - Industrial waste water purification systems; - Sulfur cleaning equipm

IVIK Holding Group
Ivana Kramskoho St, 14/34, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03115
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Danilo Mikhaylov
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IVIK Holding Group is the leader of Ukraine's climate and plumbing markets.For over 25 years, IVIK Holding Group has been on a mission to successfully provide a full spectrum of HVAC-R services - from planning to maintenance. Our team of over 500 highly qualified specialists maintains our impeccable reputation in the climate and plumbing industry across all of Ukraine. By prioritizing first-class service through our strict quality standards, we are able to consistently maintain an 85% customer retention rate across our private and public sector clients. The list of services provided by the engineering company IVIK Holding Group includes:- Design, supply of equipment from world manufacturers for all categories of buildings and premises- Installation of air conditioning, ventilation, heating, gas supply systems- Water supply to heating points and boiler houses (internal networks)- Comprehensive automation and dispatching of facilities- Implementation of Smart Home systems- Service maintenance of all equipment installed- Water treatment and purification- Ventilation Systems- Advanced smart Heat Guard systems (Heat Pump)- On-premises training facility to train the future generation of climate control specialists