Design Trends in Automotive Manufacturing

Design Trends in Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing around the globe often bases new vehicles on consumer reactions and demands from past years. That means that design trends in automotive manufacturing can frequently be traced back to the hits and misses of previous years. Some solid trends in automotive manufacturing we can expect to see in the next few years are bringing us exciting innovations in the industry.

Tracking Design Trends in Automotive Manufacturing

Based on sales driven data, one can predict design trends in automotive manufacturing in the next few years fairly accurately. For example, the automotive manufacturing industry is expected to continue to produce crossover vehicles, as they are extremely popular choices among families and millennials who pursue outdoor lifestyles. With plenty of room to haul anything and everything from groceries and pets to sporting gear and more, crossover vehicles are a definite trend to watch in automotive manufacturing.

Electric Vehicles in Automotive Manufacturing

Electric cars are another emerging design trend in automotive manufacturing worth watching. As global warming continues to impact the planet, the automotive manufacturing industry is offering environmentally aware consumers a way to reduce their personal carbon footprint and pay less in fuel costs. The design trend in automotive manufacturing towards electric cars will continue to accelerate as the costs of gasoline skyrockets.

The automotive manufacturing sector is making electric vehicles that are more affordable and reliable for consumers. The technologies behind batteries and fuel cells continues to evolve, and automotive manufacturing is paying attention. This design trend in automotive manufacturing has other benefits for the consumer as well. Some localities offer tax incentives for consumers purchasing electric or hybrid electric ultra-efficient vehicles.

Autonomous Vehicles in Automotive Manufacturing

Driverless cars are another design trend in automotive manufacturing worth watching. It may seem impossibly futuristic right now, but technology is driving us ever closer to the day when automotive manufacturing will bring us cars programmed to take us where we want to go, hands-free. This design trend in automotive manufacturing offers some real benefits like reduced accidents, better traffic management, safety, fuel management, and increased passenger comfort. The autonomous vehicle is most definitely where future automotive manufacturing technology is headed.

Safety and Efficiency in Automotive Manufacturing

Another automotive manufacturing design trend to watch in the future is the increased emphasis on safety and efficiency. Upgrades in safety regulations and increasing fuel efficiency and emissions standards are challenging automotive manufacturing companies to make cars safer and more efficient through alterations in design. Corporate Average Fuel Economy is a U.S. federal regulation in automotive manufacturing that requires a yearly increase in fuel economy standards through 2025. Applicable to all passenger cars and trucks, these standards will affect design trends in automotive manufacturing. To meet these regulations, automotive manufacturing companies are producing cars with ever lower wind resistance and drag.

Additionally, automotive manufacturing companies are creating vehicles with a sleeker appearance, flush-fitting parts, and tighter gaps between exterior panels for better airflow. The tail and grille of the car is also evolving in automotive manufacturing, while a smooth underbody, thanks to solid panels, also improves aerodynamics.

The challenge automotive manufacturing companies are facing is creating cars that still look different enough from one another to meet consumer demand for unique visual appearances. New lightweight materials will also help increase fuel economy. Automotive manufacturing is responding to the challenge with carbon fiber, composite materials, and organic polymers that are replacing heavier and bulkier sheet metal bodies.

Consumers can expect an increased emphasis on safety as well. Automotive manufacturing is adding electronic features like back up cameras, anti-lock brakes, low-distraction smartphone integration, parking assist technologies, and motion sensors on more models in the future. This design trend in automotive manufacturing will save lives, which is truly an innovation we can all be excited about.

Luxury Features in Economy Cars

Automobile buyers are also forcing another design trend in automotive manufacturing by demanding high-end features once reserved for the high-end luxury models. Interior design points such as luxury woodgrain, leather finishes, projected displays, French stitching, panoramic roofs, and built in electronics are all being included standard in today’s economy classes of vehicles. This design trend in automotive manufacturing is growing stronger year by year as carmakers seek to attract consumers at every price point.

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