What is eBid? (so called reverse auction)

The Buyers can make request for quotations for the production of items or performing specific services, and send it to multiple Subcontractors at once. The conditions, quality requirements in the eBid are set by the Buyer. The eBid can safe you a lot of time and efforts! By sending your request to multiple Subcontractors, you can compare and sort the offers in one spread sheet. By using the eBid system our company can achieve much lower prices for the production of your items or performing the services you need . By receiving offers by multiple Subcontractors you will make a precise market research for what and where can be prodused and to reduce the costs. Once the bidding is finished, the Buyer can sort the offers by: lowest price, shortest delivery period, payment terms. The Buyer can contact only those subcontractors who match his requirements the most.

Purpose – improve the efficiency of the supply chain for different organizations from different industries;


  • Buyers - Reduce time and expenses for market research, gain best prices available from qualified European Subcontractors;
  • Subcontractors – to Expand on new markets and reduce sales and marketing costs;

eBid is not a product or software-based service you must purchase, install or support. Web access is all you need to take advantage of this service.

*eBid Auctions can be generated only by Buyers with Premium account and only Subcontractors with Premium or Gold accounts can send their offers.

*eBid Auctions are only in English language due to the specific terms used.


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