la France 
Secteur d'activité
Transformation des plastiques, Transformation des plastiques: Produits semi-finis
Équipement spécialisé
Matières travaillées
Plastique, Thermoplastiques
Marché d`application
Agroalimentaire, Automobile, Industrie de construction/Bâtiment, Jeux/Sports/Loisirs, Sous-traitants industriels, Emballage
Packages,Plastic containers,Storages
Forming of thermoplastics,Injection,Semi-finished and finishing products,External parts,Mass production and middle production pieces,Plastic packaging,Other products for packaging, storage and handling

17 RUE DES CLOS, ZI NORD, MEAUX, 77100, France
Personne de contact
D.U.N.S nombre
VAT number
Manufacturer specializes in the production of injected plastic parts since 1975.
We are a company with international operations, human scale, to bring you a customized solution to your projects.
Our goal is to materialize your ideas, we are witnessing the development, for the realization of a plan, model, tooling and manufacturing your parts.
Our business areas:
The food:
SOREL Plastics designs and manufactures a wide range of plastic containers for the food industry (more than 250 different standards).
Our mastery of thermoplastic injection, we could respond to a variety of customers in the heating, spinning, automotive, design, sport, high tech ...
We also have decoration workshops: screen printing, pad printing, surface decoration, IML.
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