Rontech s.r.o.

la Slovaquie 
Secteur d'activité
Electricité, Equipements industriels et accessoires, Maintenance Industrielle, Métaux: Usinage, Services à l'industrie, Soudage
Équipement spécialisé
Machine de soudage, Soudage TIG
Matières travaillées
Marché d`application
Automobile, Chimie / Parachimie, Construction de machines/Machines Outils, Electronique, Energie/Nucléaire, Industrie de construction/Bâtiment, Sous-traitants industriels, Télécommunications
Cabling,Electricity,Electrical installation

Rontech s.r.o.
T.G. Masaryka 7, 98401 Lučenec
Personne de contact
Pavel Rončák
D.U.N.S nombre
VAT number
The company rontech was founded at the beginning of 2018, as a craft, business, engineering office with a technical focus. Since its inception, Rontech has become a modern and advanced company with an active focus on electrical installations, photovoltaic systems and industry throughout the EU and the US. Our main priority is well-done quality assurance work, where we are willing to offer you all levels of service. We work mainly in the following industries:* Electrical installations* Photovoltaic systems* Automotive* Industrial installations*Steel constructions* Conveyors* Locksmithing* Welding* Line installation* Disassembly and assembly of lines and conveyors* Assembly and disassembly of steel structures* Assembly and disassembly of shelvesWe have a team of qualified technically skilled workers and engineers with many years of experience who are highly motivated and organized.