Perlamet SE ltd.

la Bulgarie 
Secteur d'activité
Equipements industriels et accessoires, Métaux: Produits Semi-finis et procédés
Équipement spécialisé
Centre de tournage - 5 Axes, Centre de tournage - 6 Axes, Centre Usinage - 4 Axes, Centre Usinage - 5 Axes
Matières travaillées
Acier, Acier au carbone, Acier inoxydable, Aluminium, Bronze, Laiton
Marché d`application
Aérospatial, Agriculture, Automobile, Chimie / Parachimie, Défense/Sécurité/Armement, Sous-traitants industriels
3 and 4 axis center cnc,cnc processing

Perlamet SE ltd.
Battenberg 16 str.
Personne de contact
Mr. Yuri Yanakov
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Perlamet SE Ltd. was established in 1990 with headquarters in Sofia. In 1993 a workshop for mechanical processing and production of spare parts was established in the city of Plovdiv.Over the years, high-tech machines with digital-program control for rotary-symmetric and prismatic parts processing have been introduced.The company produce and supplies components for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for leading European manufacturers.Perlamet SE Ltd. has a quality management system ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, ISO50001.Due to the very good practical experience of its team and the dynamic development, including the constant modernization and updating of technological equipment, Perlamet SE Ltd. is a proven correct partner, offering high-quality products within the agreed time. We are proud of our skilled and professional engineers who guarantee our customers highly-efficient solutions and services.