iSteel d.o.o.

Tier 2
la Bosnie-Herzégovine 
Secteur d'activité
Métaux: Chaudronnerie / Constructions métalliques , Métaux: Décolletage, Métaux: Découpage, Emboutissage, Métaux: Produits Semi-finis et procédés, Tôlerie fine
Équipement spécialisé
Autres (fanuci 4.0 pro 1500 w ), Bras de taraudage (LCNM 12.400 ), Centre de tournage/fraisage (HEDELIUS BC 40 D/20 ), Cintreuse (2000/1500/3000 mm ), Découpe laser - produits plats (prima power ep 1030 servo electric press ), Étuve de poudrage (prima platino co2 4 kw )
Matières travaillées
Acier, Acier au carbone, Acier inoxydable, Aluminium
Marché d`application
Défense/Sécurité/Armement, Jeux/Sports/Loisirs, Santé/Médical/Pharmacie, Sidérurgie/Métallurgie, Sous-traitants industriels
Milling,Drilling,Grinding,Fine sheet metal work,Aluminium sheet metal work,Steel sheet metal work,Test and trial solutions,Coating by thermal processes,Design of Models and Prototypes,Laser welding,Design of prototypes,Semi-finished and finishing products,Surface treatment,Painting,Welding,Stainless steels,Our company is a specialist in welding and metalworking, providing a wide range of welding techniques such as MIG, MAG, TIG and laser welding. In addition to welding, we specialize in laser cutting of materials, enabling fast and precise cutting of high-p

iSteel d.o.o.
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Lazar Raguž
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The company engaged in metal processing represents a professional workshop for the production of metal assemblies intended for other companies. We provide our clients with a wide range of high-quality metal processing services, with a special emphasis on prototype production.The company stands out for its excellence in welding, bending, rolling and plasticizing of metals, providing complete solutions adapted to the needs of clients. Our expertise and experience allow us to create customizable and precise metal assemblies, meeting the most demanding technical specifications.In addition, our company is oriented towards prototype production, which means that we are able to quickly and efficiently develop and produce initial metal models according to the creative visions and requirements of our clients. In this way, we provide innovative solutions and support to clients in the development of new products or the improvement of existing ones.Through its involvement in the metal industry, this company sets standards of high quality, reliability and expertise, building long-term partnerships with clients who value superior metalworking and flexibility in manufacturing.