Henris, UAB

la Lituanie 
Secteur d'activité
Métaux: Chaudronnerie / Constructions métalliques , Métaux: Métaux non ferreux, Métaux: Produits Semi-finis et procédés, Modèles, Soudage
Équipement spécialisé
Cintreuse, Cintreuse de tubes, Découpe laser - Tubes, Machine de découpe à couteau, Machine de soudage, Polisseuse, Rectifieuse de profil, Soudage TIG
Matières travaillées
Acier, Acier au carbone, Acier inoxydable, Acier rapide , Aluminium, Bronze, Cuivre, Laiton, Métaux non ferreux
Marché d`application
Ingénierie/Recherche, Aérospatial, Agriculture, Ameublement/Mobilier, Automobile, Construction de machines/Machines Outils, Construction navale et portuaire, Environnement, Fabrication d'équipement, Industrie de construction/Bâtiment, Jeux/Sports/Loisirs, Luxe, Prestataire de service, Santé/Médical/Pharmacie, Sidérurgie/Métallurgie, Sous-traitants industriels
Metal parts,Metal structures for furniture,STAINLESS STEEL PARTS,Metal frames,Metal pipes,STEEL FRAMINGs,Metal pieces,Metallic tubes,Steel furniture,Components in the steel sector,Metal wire,Stainless steel tubes forming,Steel profiles,Metal processing,metal processing, aluminium,aluminium metal processing,construction metalwork,metal production,Steel frames
Metal processing

Henris, UAB
Televizoriu street 14, Siauliai, Lithuania
Personne de contact
Domante Adomaite, Export Director
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A reliable partner with over 25 years experience in metal tube, pipe, wire and rod processing services offering bending, rolling, polishing, welding, grinding, drilling, cutting and end forming services. Solid base of equipment, attention to details and constant pursuit to reach the highest quality helps maintain a stable position on the regional market and attract foreign partners. Dedicated and energetic team of professionals is prepared to take client’s idea from conception to production. The majority of partners request components for such industries as: furniture & interior, yachts & ships building, agriculture, construction and etc.Company’s business management system conforms to the requirements of standards EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001, ISO 45001. Over the years we constantly invest in new equipment and renew it by designing and producing additional parts to increase the range of bending and rolling possibilities. Due to successful partnerships with companies nearby, there is a possibility to provide metal sheet processing, surface coating, wooden or soft components manufacturing and assembling services as well.Whether a task is large or small, simple or complex we always treat our clients with quality, respect and value.