Buk Export Import

la Bulgarie 
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Transformation du bois
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Affuteuse, Machine à brosser, Sertisseuse
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SOLID WOOD COMPONENTS,Tables,table legs,slid wood countertops,wooden beams

Buk Export Import
Teteven, Glozhene, Yoto Vrachev 134
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Ibrahim Garaliyski
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SOLID WOOD COUNTERTOPS:With the thermal press in our production lineBuk Export-Import , has the possibility to produce solid wood countertops from beech, oak, pine, spruce. The clients of the company, have the opportunity to choose from the following types of countertops:• Finger-joint solid wood countertops in length and width of the details• Countertops of whole lamellas - along the length of the details.INTERIOR AND GARDEN FURNITURE: --------> Benches (metal-wood), Outdoor garden swings chair with awning, table with 4 benches (wood only), pergolas, Bavarian tablesTABLES WITH SOLID COUNTERTOP AND METAL LEG ASSEMBLINGIn the structure of Lev Corporation existing enterprises in the field of metalworking. This allows the cycle of producing and assembling of metal and wood products to be complete, which in return will reduce the cost of the finished products.The company has machines for producing elements for wooden construction- panels, pergolas, fences, sheds and more. Wood for construction - beams, slats, boards, etc. They are made according to the preferences of the client.With the available technical equipment, the Company is able to produce standard Euro pallets (800/1200) as well as, non-standard sizes, depending on the customer needs. In addition to this, we also produce wooden cases and packaging boxes, needed for transportation of industrial products.Wood drying chamber , technical equipment, wooden packaging for transportation of industrial products, etc.In addition to the main activities, Book Export-Import produce wooden legs with different geometric profiles, needed for the furniture industry.