Baran Cnc Makina Ltd. Sti.

la Turquie 
Secteur d'activité
Métaux: Usinage
Équipement spécialisé
Centre de tournage - 3 Axes, Centre de tournage - 4 Axes, Centre de tournage - 5 Axes, Centre Usinage - 5 Axes
Matières travaillées
Acier, Acier au carbone, Acier inoxydable, Aluminium, Bronze, Cuivre, Laiton, Métaux non ferreux, Nickel, Polyoxymethylene (POM), Zinc/Alliages de zinc
Marché d`application
Aérospatial, Agriculture, Automobile, Construction de machines/Machines Outils, Défense/Sécurité/Armement, Fabrication d'équipement, Industrie de construction/Bâtiment, Sous-traitants industriels

Baran Cnc Makina Ltd. Sti.
Kemalpasa 7407/1. Sokak NO:6/1 35060 Bornova/Izmir Turkiye
Personne de contact
Mehmet Ali Akpınar
D.U.N.S nombre
VAT number
We have been serving in the machining industry since 2010. Our founder, Mehmet Ali Akpınar, continued his work, which he started in 1998, by establishing his own company. We offer production satisfaction to our customers with our management approach that prioritizes investment in people and technology.We are in a structure that can easily adapt to changing market conditions, we are able to offer fast production solutions to our customers.We have a young but experienced staff that can quickly adapt to developing technologies.We are considering that the most important step of production is to measure what it produces, we have a quality lab which is equipped with advanced devices in our production facility. In our facility the highest quality is maintained throughout all stages of the manufacturing process using the latest inspection and quality control equipment. Baran Cnc is accredited to ISO 9001:2015.(link)We are serving the aerospace, automotive, agricultural machinery, construction, defence, energy industries, hydrolic, industrial, marine, medical, military, mining, nuclear, petrochemical, power generation, robotics, semiconducto, telecommunications, transportation sectors.