Custom Metal Working Ideas for Furniture Makers

Custom Metal Working Ideas for Furniture Makers

Today’s furniture maker relies heavily on custom metal working. To create truly distinguished, original furniture design requires the talents of a bold, innovative custom metal working craftsperson. Often, employing a talented expert in the field of custom metal working is, in fact, the only source for the specific components that may be required to bring a design from sketch to reality.


Create a Solid Structure

With the current emphasis on quality and design that is demanded by today’s discerning furniture customer, custom metal working has become a critical component of the creation process. Metal working can create the structural “bones” of a sofa or the frame of a bed, chair, table, or shelving unit. Unlike other materials that can be used for these purposes, like wood or plastic, metal working creates stronger and more durable joints and load-bearing structure. Metal working offers the superior flexibility and tensile strength of metal, which is a substantial advantage when substituted for less hardy materials.

Furniture created with custom metal working lasts longer and wears better, as there is no concern over loosening joints as wood shrinks and swells. Metal’s heft and weight gives furniture made with custom metal working a feel of quality and durability that is very appealing to consumers. The timelessness of metal working transcends fads and trends, for heirloom quality furniture pieces that can be handed down for generations. And when it’s time to let go of a piece, most metal can be recycled, making metal working an environmentally sound choice for furniture.


Create Visually Striking Pieces

Visually, metal working is another advantage for furniture makers. Design and fabrication is just the first step in metal working. By finishing metal surfaces with a sealant, paint, or powder coating with enamel, there is virtually no appearance effect that can’t be achieved with metal working. Pieces made with custom metal working can be composed of wire, made with hammered surfaces, or finished to be highly polished, brushed, or distressed for the appealing textures that have become intrinsic design elements in today’s spaces.

Metal working is such a versatile craft that it can create ornate, antique-style filigree designs, traditionally handsome conservative furnishings, or ultra-modern chrome plated minimalist pieces. Elements such as wood, glass and fabric can be incorporated with custom metal working to create any visual design. Metal surfaces can be finished with precious metal plate, faux rust, copper patina, oiled bronze, and more. Metal working therefore allows for an unmatched range of finishes for furniture makers working in almost any style.


Create Decorative Accents

In addition to the structural elements of furniture created with custom metal working, furniture makers can design unique decorative accents for every piece. Furniture often has moving pieces, and custom metal working renders them durable, functional, and beautiful. Decorative hinges, fasteners, knobs, feet, handles and even screws, nail heads, wheels, casters, bearings and inlays can be created by custom metal working to compliment and complete any piece. Cold form casting, forging, welding, blacksmithing, and extrusion are all forms of custom metal working that can be utilized to create different, but specific effects for exciting new furniture designs.