How to be a subcontractor?


Becoming a subcontractor is a simple, yet well-thought process which needs attention, responsibility, and ongoing commitment.

The first step is find out what you are good at and gain enough experience until you become an expert in the field. Having professional skills in a specific industrial sector of activity is a prerequisite to become a reliable subcontractor. Such activity could be moulding, welding, prototyping, plastics manufacture, electronics production, automotive parts manufacture, 3D printing, metal processing, and others.

Step two is to register as a company and get insurance. The subcontractors functions as a separate business unit. For this reason subcontractors pay their own taxes, superannuation, compensation, and are liable for all of their employees’ taxes.

Some professions require a licence in order to be practiced legally. The laws are different for each country and state which is why you need to get familiar with the legal requirements in your own region. This is why the next step is to get licence if needed. Have in mind that you will also have to obtain the necessary certificates and documentations which prove that the machinery you work with abides by the accepted quality standards.

After you’ve made sure you are completely certified to practice this profession and your business has everything needed to function properly and legally, you can move on to formulating a contract agreement with a general contractor.

Just to make sure you have every aspect covered in your contract agreement, you can use the services of a lawyer to help you go through all the details and conditions. The contract should contain information regarding the scope of work, delivery timeframes, payment, and more details regarding the specific job or activity you will be doing.

Once you are done with creating the contract agreement, you are all set to taking on projects and practice your profession. However, your preparation doesn’t end at this point. Doing business as a subcontractor is tightly connected with ongoing promotions in order to popularize your services. Use various marketing channels, mediums, tools and techniques to gain recognition and popularity among general contractors. Online platforms who connect general contractors and subcontractors are a great way to reach new buyers and expand your business. Such a platform is European Subcontracting Network. We help you gain international visibility and get hired by general contractors from across the world. Register your business for FREE today.