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HGF is an expansive business specializing in moulded products made of rubber and TPE. With modern machinery and continuous improvement we ensure relia...
Sector of activity
Forming of Rubbers/Extrusion
Special equipment
Worked materials
Application market
Aerospace, Automotive, Defence/Security/Military, Energy/Nuclear, Food & Beverage, Industrial subcontractors, Machine building/Machines tools, Shipbuilding and port facilities
Membranes, Fenders, Carpets, Weights, Horseshoes, Rollerski wheels, Rubber mats, Car mats, Storage mats, Load space mats, Trunk mats, All-weather mats, TPE floor mats, Recirculation shields, Bump stops, Buffers, Noise shields, Noise absorbers, Spring components, Pipe protections, Spring expander, Sealings, Grommets and plugs, Bellows, Mudflaps, Vibration mufflers, Ergonomic mats, Machine mounts, Gaskets, Shock absorbers, Mooring compensators, Straps, Shaft seals, Guard rail protection.
Building-up (Rubber), CAB & Chassis, Compression moulding, Forming of Rubbers, Industrial Products, Injection moulding, Interior styling, Moulded products, Other forming of rubbers, Production of rubber-to-metal bonded parts
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