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Petrič d.o.o.

Petrič d.o.o. works in the metal sheet processing sector in Slovenia. Our production is only 20 km from Italian border. The company has 77 employees a...
Sector of activity
Industrial equipment and accessories , Metal processing: Cutting & Drawing , Metal processing: Fabrication, Metal processing: Ferrous metals, Metal processing: Non-ferrous metals, Metal processing: Semi-finished products, Metal processing: Special machines, Welding
Special equipment
Bender, Hydraulic press, Laser cutting - flat products, Laser cutting - profiles and tubes, MIG Welding, Punching machine, Robotic welding, TIG Welding, Welding machine
Worked materials
Non-Ferrous metals, Aluminium, Chrome, Ferrous metals, Stainless Steel, Steel
Application market
Agriculture, Automotive, Building/Construction, Chemicals and associated industries, Defence/Security/Military, Engineering/Design/Research, Environment, Equipment manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Health/Medical/Pharmaceuticals, Industrial subcontractors, Machine building/Machines tools, Other, Service provider, Steel/Metals, Transport/Logistics(dry wall profiles)
Design of objects, Prototypes, Materials, Components, Metal parts, Finished products, Metal structures for furniture, Boiler details, Industrial goods, Equipment, Unit parts, Equipment for food industries, Metal boxing supports, Metal accessories, CONSTRUCTION PROFILES, Urban furniture, Transport systems, Metallic tubes, Metallurgical products, Boiler, STOVES, Posts, Support bars, Conveyor parts, Semi-products, SIGNINGS FOR ROAD, Parts of silos, Agricultural Machinery, Parts of frames, Metal sheets, Metal Structures, Steel products, Burners, Pre-series production (*100, *500 units), Small and medium series production runs (*1 000, *10 000, Metal constructions, Machine components, Metal products, Wood working machines, Sheet metal works, Metallic constructions, Steel profiles
cold production, heat production, hooks etc. on pipes, TIG & Point Welding, Agricultural machinery and equipment, Automotive equipment and construction machinery, Bending, BENDING OF METAL SHEETS, Boiler manufacturer, Boring, Cut sheet metal, Cutting, Fabrication, Ferrous metals, From prototype to mass production, Laser cutting, Laser pipe cutting, Manufacture of parts, Manufacturing, Metal Components, Metal Sheet Processing, Metal working, Puntching, Sheet Metal Bending, Small to Medium Batches, TIG/MIG welding, Tube Laser Cutting, Welding MIG and MAG methods, Welding of materials like Aluminum and Stainless Steel by TIG welding, Welding of nuts, Welding of sheet metal parts on pipes
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