Zincral Revestimentos , Lda.

Tier 2
Sector of activity
Metal processing: Ferrous metals, Metal processing: Finishing, thermal and surface treatments, Metal processing: Foundry, Metal processing: Industrial fasteners, Metal processing: Non-ferrous metals
Special equipment
Nickel plating - Processing line, Passivation - Treatment line
Worked materials
Non-Ferrous metals, Bronze, Ferrous metals, Nickel, Steel
Application market
Automotive, Equipment manufacturing, Furniture, Industrial subcontractors, Machine building/Machines tools, Service provider, Steel/Metals
Coating part
Finishing, thermal and surface treatments

Company Name
Zincral Revestimentos , Lda.
Rua da Zona Industrial, n.º 39 3870-195 Murtosa
Contact person
Simão Costa
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
Who we are-------ZINCRAL;Revestimentos, lda. We are specialized in the application of electrolytic zinc on all types of metallic pieces, has a factory of more than 2500m2 in the industrial state Murteira, Aveiro, in which it develops several automatized lines of production: , zinc, (Rack & Barrel) silver , tin, copper plating/bonding,, descaling and passivation of stainless steels------The chemical procedures we usein all our processes and our enviromental protection plan, will guarantee a fully satisfaction of our customer´s needs, respecting enviromental, actually we have implemated our quality management system and we are a certified company with the current normatives , ENISO9001 and recently with the IATF -16949 ---- Our Core Business-Automotive equipment and metallic coumpounds, demanding applications for surface traitement in electrolytic zinc , zinc -níquel (automotive industry), in Ferrous metals, Metal processing, metal processing services, realization and assembly of metallic parts------All of our surface tratements have: HIGH RESISTANCE AGAINST / RUST AND CORROTION. ZINC SILVER AND TIN PLATING / COPPER BONDING CUIVRAGERESISTANCE TO STEEL CORROSION IN TIME - STAINLESS STEEL PASIVATION-----------For further information, please dont hesitate to contact us.