Wentworth Tech

Tier 2
Sector of activity
High precision parts manufacturing - up to 10 cm3, Metal processing: Machining, Metal processing: Semi-finished products, Models/Patterns/Prototypes, Moulds
Special equipment
Boring machine - 4 Axes, Lathe CNC - 5 Axes, Machining Center - 4 Axes, Machining Center - 5 Axes, Polishing machine, Profile grinding machine, Turning / milling center, Turning lathe, Wire electrical discharge machine - 3 Axes
Worked materials
Aluminium, Brass, Carbon steel, Copper , Nickel, Stainless Steel
Application market
Aerospace, Automotive, Equipment manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Machine building/Machines tools, Packaging
Moulds,Prototypes,Components,Aero fastening and components
CAD Design Service,Moulds for plastics

Company Name
Wentworth Tech
ul. Przemysłowa 19, 24-320 Poniatowa, Poland
+48 785 822 566
Contact person
Liam FitzGerald
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
Manufacturer of tooling and parts for the plastics industry. This includes PET Blow Molds, PET Preform Injection Molds, Extrusion Blow Molds, spare parts and modifications.Manufacturer of precision machined (5-Axis) parts for the Aerospace and Automotive industries - AS9100D certified.