voestalpine Sadef

Sector of activity
Metal processing: Semi-finished products, Other
Special equipment
Worked materials
Aluminium, Ferrous metals, Steel
Application market
Automotive, Building/Construction, Industrial subcontractors, Shipbuilding and port facilities, Transport/Logistics
Tubes,Cleats,Bar,Steel profiles,Anti-sag bars,Galvanised steel strip,Closed cold-formed profile
Metal processing,Semi-finished products,Others processes,Roll Forming,BUILDING PROFILES

Company Name
voestalpine Sadef
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Quality is a top priority for Sadef. It is no coincidence that our slogan this year is "operational excellence". In addition to our quality management system, you can count on our staff, who are committed every day to providing the highest quality.
This is also witnessed by the certificates that have for years been awarded to the company for the roll-forming of our steel profiles. Our long-term success is based on the constant quality of the Sadef profiles. To this end, we have implemented certified inspection procedures and sustainable environmental management systems.
Our mission is to be a leading international company that provides innovative solutions in the area of cold-formed profiles.
To achieve this, our vision is focused on the following key elements:
Innovation: we innovate in technology and techniques, in processes, in ideas, in our thinking so as to make the customer more successful. Our continuous efforts in research and development pay off.
Quality: we strive for perfection in our quality, in all areas!
Customer: the numerous contacts with our customers and the new challenges facing our customers are decisive for our and their progress. That is why our customers are at the forefront of everything we think and do.
People: our contacts (customers, suppliers, colleagues) are first of all people who are central to our vision. We are open in all our communication and ensure a good atmosphere. We believe in our people and give them every opportunity to fulfil their potential.
Growth: growth is not only measured by figures! We grow in surface area, in turnover, in number of employees, but above all we grow also in knowledge and in know-how. We set the appropriate objectives to sustain this growth.
Cost: we consider it our duty to always look for cost-effective solutions as part of our efforts to transform our company into a sustainable company. Our goal in any project we undertake is to provide the right solution at the right cost.