Vlassenroot Group

Tier 1
Sector of activity
Metal processing: Cutting & Drawing , Metal processing: Ferrous metals, Metal processing: Finishing, thermal and surface treatments, Metal processing: Machining, Metal processing: Semi-finished products, Models/Patterns/Prototypes, Plasma welding, Welding
Special equipment
Anti-corrosion booth, Articulated robot laser cutting / laser welding, Bender, Bridge/Portal crane, Column type drill, Cutting and Machining - Complete Line, Cutting machine / knife, Hydraulic press, Laser cutting - flat products, Laser cutting robot, Laser marking machine, Liquid Painting - Treatment Line, Machining Center - 11 Axes, Machining Center - 5 Axes, Plasma Cutting equipment, Shot blasting booth, Welding machine
Worked materials
Aluminium, Carbon steel, Steel
Application market
Agriculture, Building/Construction, Defence/Security/Military, Equipment manufacturing, Machine building/Machines tools, Steel/Metals
Mechanical welding and machining,Welding by robot,Machining,Laser cutting,Steel sheet metal work,Laser welding,Welding MIG and MAG methods,LASER

Company Name
Vlassenroot Group
Ul. Bojkowska 59 44-100 Gliwice, Poland
Contact person
Quinten Eyckmans
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
Vlassenroot is a leading supplier of critical steel components and finds it origin in the supply of fabricated boom sections for the lifting OEM's. From there Vlassenroot has grown to supply steel fabrication solutions for the Lifting, Defense and Railroad manufacturing industry. Trusted by the biggest names in the industry since 1926. 3 plants in Poland, Belgium and Germany. (+-700 FTE's). KEY SECTORS: Telescopic Booms, Tippers, Armoured cars , Bridge Building, etc.KEY CAPABILITIES:• XXL bending of aluminum, stainless, carbon steels and high strength -armored carbon steels• Bending up to 24.000 lengths and dies up to 700 mm. ( STRENX, HARDOX, DOMEX,…)• Laser cutting up to 6KW 25 mm• Oxy cutting up to 80 mm for high strength and armored steels• Oxy cutting up to 120 mm abrasion resistant steels including bevels and welding preparation.• Aluminum cutting up to 8 mm and Stainless steel cutting up to 12 mm.• Laser Hybrid Welding 12kw and over 300 welders in our German and Polish workshops.• Machining of large components