Sector of activity
3D printing, Additive manufacturing, Industrial Maintenance, Metal processing: Fabrication, Metal processing: Machining, Metal processing: Special machines
Special equipment
Worked materials
Ferrous metals, Plastics, Steel
Application market
Aerospace, Automotive, Building/Construction, Energy/Nuclear, Engineering/Design/Research, Equipment manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Industrial subcontractors, Transport/Logistics
Prototypes,Special machines,Chassis
Additive manufacturing,3D printing,Metal processing,Fabrication,Industrial Maintenance,Mechanical welding,Machining on machining centres,Special machines,Design and construction of special machines,MAINTENANCE,Plastics additive manufacturing

Company Name
8 BOULEVARD DU 32ème R.I, TERGNIER, 02700, France
Contact person
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
VIP – Groupe Méca is:
- SAFT (Société d’Alésage Fraisage Tournage):
Precision machining: from prototype to series, from simple to more complex precision.
Large size machining: up to 6 m in length in turning, 11.4 m in milling and 40 tons.
- SMIT (Société de Machines et d’Ingénierie Ternoise):
Special machines: from the conception to the installation on plant of production means either a new line or modification of an existing equipment.
Maintenance: maintenance operations and compliance of your production.
Rapid Prototyping: plastic 3D printing of prototypes and small series of complex parts may have different hardness’s and non-removable nested components.
- Celdran:
Boiler making, mechanic-welding, welding and flame cutting: Celdran is an expert in the repair and manufacturing of construction material. The group means also enable it to achieve chassis or other large size mechanical engineering for industry.
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