Sector of activity
Design of electronics, Electronic Production
Special equipment
Worked materials
Application market
Electronics, Engineering/Design/Research, Industrial subcontractors, Transport/Logistics
Electronic design,Electronic Production,Cables,Prototypes for electronics,Keyboards,Electronic cards,Beams,Printed,Component circuits CMS and Trad,Assets,Switchings,Connections,Sheet steels
Circuits conception and electronics systems,Industrialisation,Electronics assembly (Wave soldering, SMT/Hybrid/Conventional technologies, …),Innovation and research for electronics,Equipments,Software,Design and development

Company Name
ZI - RUE DU CLIMONT, VILLE, 67220, France
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VILLELEC SAS is a company located in Alsace center employing about twenty people.
We ensure the study (3 engineers and technicians design office), industrialization and manufacturing of electronic cards for domains "general public" and industry. We produce in small medium and large series. We offer a full line for SMT mounting. The traditional assembly and integration are provided around a solder wave Soltec in a 750 square meter workshop. We also provide assembly benefits or basket filled with partial or full purchase of components.
Because of our proximity to Germany, we export 30% of our production mainly with German groups.
Members SNESE, we exhibit at the show in collaboration with the Alliansys company with whom we form a partnership.