Sector of activity
Industry Services
Special equipment
Worked materials
Plastics, Thermoplastics
Application market
Chemicals and associated industries
Industry Services,Organisms,Press

Company Name
39 RUE DE POMMARD, PARIS, 75012, France
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UCAPLAST - Union of the Labor unions of the SME of the Rubber and the Plastics processing industry
- groups and federates SME of the sectors of the industrial rubber, the Plastics processing industry and the Wholesale trades (trading part Rubber/plastics)
- Negotiates in the name of SME the contents of the National Collective agreement of the Rubber as well as that of the Wholesale trades within the differences authorities of these branches
- Proposes a support service to the members through several communication channels and social SVP available of companies members
- Represents his members through his divers mandates (CGPME, Ministries of Labor, …)
- Edits annually a directory of the Rubber, the Plastics processing industry and the Wholesale trades for the Rubber and Plastics, distributes over 1000 Copies with major clients and the institutional
- Negotiates within the CTNE the national agreements of objectives in the rubber and the plastics processing industry.