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Industrial Maintenance, Industry Services, Metal processing: Fabrication
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TIG Welding
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Carbon steel
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Aerospace, Automotive, Building/Construction, Chemicals and associated industries, Energy/Nuclear, Environment
Welded tubes,Site maintenance.,services for subcontractieng#,Site manager
Maintenance (machining),RTO Service Inspektion,TNV Service Inspektion,RNV Service Inspektion,Thermical heat transfer

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27 yuli no 23
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N. Deden
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BG 207280724
Temporary staffing for construction supervision, inspections and maintenance can be an excellent option for companies to respond flexibly and cost-effectively to staffing needs in the area of construction supervision and maintenance. In many cases, hiring temporary professionals can make more sense than hiring permanent staff, especially when dealing with special projects or short-term shortages.The advantages of hiring temporary staff are many. For one thing, it allows companies to flexibly adapt their staff to the changing requirements of their projects without making long-term commitments. On the other hand, hiring specialized personnel can ensure greater efficiency and quality when carrying out inspections and maintenance work.For our company, we offer temporary personnel for construction management, inspections and maintenance to provide our customers with an effective and high quality solution. Our professional staff has extensive experience and expertise in construction supervision, inspection and maintenance and is capable of performing a wide range of tasks, such as:In detail we offer the following services:- Plant and system support- Maintenance / Inspection / Service- TÜV acceptance (internal and external inspection)- Pressure tests (according to pressure equipment directive)- Plant optimization and refurbishment (contract work)- Repair work including welding (certified)- Replacement of components- Boiler auxiliaries (revision and replacement)- Thermal oil pumps (revision and replacement)- Complete boiler plant maintenance (contract work)- Food industry- Travel packages for the whole Europe- Competitive prices- Neutral work clothes/vehicles/tools (without advertising)