Sector of activity
Electronic Production, Metal processing: Finishing, thermal and surface treatments, Metal processing: Foundry
Special equipment
Heat treatment furnace
Worked materials
Aluminium, Carbon steel, Steel
Application market
Aerospace, Electronics, Industrial subcontractors, Steel/Metals
Design of objects
Additive manufacturing

Company Name
Kuuli 6, Tallinn, Estonia
Contact person
Aleksandr Varentsov
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
The range of our electrothermal equipment covers induction heating, arc (open / vacuum) and electroslag melting.TET ESTEL is engaged in development of induction heating technology since 1968, when Company has released its first thyristor frequency converter of TFC series. Today, TET ESTEL produces thyristor converters (TFC) of 5th generation, IGBT converters (FCI), and offers complete, plug-n-produce induction heating system, hardening, heat treatment and melting systems.Since 1998, Company manufactures power supplies for DC arc furnaces of open and vacuum type, i.e. automatic controlled rectifiers of AR series.For electroslag remelting furnaces (ESR) an adjustable DC/AC power supplies with up to 3000 kW were introduced, providing digital-controlled electric current adjusting from DC to AC up to 10 Hz frequency.
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