Sector of activity
Metal processing: Machining, Models/Patterns/Prototypes, Software design / Programming
Special equipment
Lathe CNC - 3 Axes (KITAMURA ), Lathe CNC - 5 Axes (MC 032 )
Worked materials
Non-Ferrous metals, Aluminium, Carbon steel, Polyacetal, Polyethylen (PE), Polyethylen High-Density (PEHD), Polypropylene (PP), Steel
Application market
Equipment manufacturing, Machine building/Machines tools, Steel/Metals
Special machines,Metal parts,Aluminum parts in gravity
Real 3D Comparison / CAD,Metal processing,Models,Assembly,Machining on machining centres,Manufacturing of high precision micromechanical parts

Company Name
Bulgaria Stara Zagora
+359 878997560
Contact person
Mitko Kyosev
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
STABILI-TET LTD is a small company from Stara Zagora. We have two program milling machine centers (3 axis KITAMURA and 5 axis center MC 032) and we can produce small series of small size and precision parts. More information about the company -http: //www.stabilitet.comThe company STABILI-TET Ltd. was established in 2010 by employees of DZU AD with the main subject of activity - production of high-tech and precision parts and tools.The company has its own production base - a workshop for the production of details, technologists and programmers for CNC machines, adjusters and milling machines. The employees of the company have extensive experience in the production of retail and medium-sized parts, spare parts for the food industry and medicine, mechanical engineering, repair of parts and accessories used in cars, production of tool and non-standard equipment (syringe molds, punches, molds , vacuum molds, molds and other injection molding tools).Designing 3D software modelOur clients include DANFOS, Variants, FESTO, Mechatronics, Alphograph, DZU AD, Thermohran Engineering, HIDAC, ATE PLAST and others.