Petrov Ltd.

Sector of activity
Special equipment
Cutting machine / knife (robotic sewing machines, sewing computers, embroidery machines, silkscreen technology, hot stamp press machine ), Cutting press, Other
Worked materials
Other (аny kind of fabrics: cotton, PVC, PU, satin, eco and recycled materials, linen, nonwovens, leather, etc ), Polyester, PVC
Application market
Health/Medical/Pharmaceuticals (Cosmetic packaging , Advertisement products ), Industrial subcontractors, Luxury, Other, Packaging, Service provider, Textile
Models,Backpacks,Tote bags,Cosmetic pouches,Bags,Advertisement products from PVC and Fabrics,Soft phone cases made of fabric,Cosmetic bags,PVC packaging for cosmetics and parfumery
Design of prototypes,Design,Design & creation: from a sketch,Subcontracting, matufacture and finished product based on customer needs in sewing industry,Subcontracting in the sewing industry,Manufacturing and producing cosmetic bags, tote bags, backpacks, advertisement bags for cosmetics

Company Name
Petrov Ltd.
Petrov Ltd. 237 “Shesti Septemvri” Blvd. Plovdiv 4023
Contact person
Kameliya Petrova-Ivanova
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
Bulgarian sewing factoryis looking for partners under manufacturing or subcontracting agreements. The company was founded in 1997 and is focused on high-quality products like cosmetic bags, pouches, backpacks and packaging for advertising, travelling. Petrov Ltd. offers design, manufacturing and finished product based on customer needs in sewing industry. Petrov Ltd. sewing enterprise has a professional and enthusiastic team of technologists, designers, cutters, and sewers. The company is in the process of implementing ISO Certification. It has modern sewing equipment disposed to meet the needs of the customers. The enterprise proposes various sewing services and can offer the following products:cosmetic bags and pouches, bags and backpacks, tote bags, packaging of PVC and PU materials for cosmetic products, perfumery, toys, underwear, auto accessories, phone cases, glasses cases, medical cases, first aid kits, etc. The Bulgarian company’s aim is to find a reliable partner on a long-term basis for mutual benefit. In potential cooperation, the company seeks to act as a manufacturer or subcontractor.Here you can see a video of the Factory: Here are some of our partners:PPMC - France, Go Travel - UK, Freitag - Germany, ASK - Finnland, By Surprise - Bulgaria, Triza International, Kloshar Bags - Bulgaria, A1 - Austria, Valcena - France, EVN - International, BTL - InternationalHere are some of our projects: Nivea promotional bag, Coca-Cola Backpack, Bioderma cosmetic tranparent bag, Colgate promo series, Fa, OB, S.Oliver, Clarins, Palmolive, Dove, Henkel, Breff

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