Sector of activity
Forming of Thermosets/Composites, Models/Patterns/Prototypes
Special equipment
Worked materials
Application market
Aerospace, Automotive, Building/Construction, Equipment manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Games/Toys/Sports/Leisure, Health/Medical/Pharmaceuticals, Industrial subcontractors, Shipbuilding and port facilities, Transport/Logistics
Models,Vacuum injection,Low pressure moulding (RTM),Forming of Thermosets/Composites,Contact moulding (Plastics)

Company Name
PAI DU MOUSTOIR, BP 80216, AURAY CEDEX, 56402, France
Contact person
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
Our knowledges assure you a global subcontracting of composite pièces. We can propose design orientations with réalizations of plans. With our machining center 5 axis of 9x4x2m, associated with a control arm and integrated scanner, we are able to realize and develop your ptototypes, models and molds and preserial.
With techniques of diverse and modern productions, such as the RTM, the infusion associated with the digital cut and the automated manufacturing, our flexible and reactive structure allows to assure you, small productions, average or big series with an industrial spirit.
Our main site situated in Brittany associated with our Polish site offers you an European logitics.
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