Metal Invest Gabrovo LTD

Sector of activity
Industry Services, Metal processing: Fabrication, Metal processing: Ferrous metals, Metal processing: Forge, Metal processing: Machining, Metal processing: Semi-finished products
Special equipment
Automatic Wire Cutting and Crimping Machine, Bender, Column type drill, Drilling / Tapping centres, Laser cutting - flat products, Profiles bending machine, Welding machine
Worked materials
Ferrous metals
Application market
Materials,Models,Components,Industrial equipment,Metal parts,Metalic furniture
Metal processing,Laser cutting on sheet metal,Tubes roll bending,Welding

Company Name
Metal Invest Gabrovo LTD
Gabrovo, Vinproma str.
Contact person
Hristo Kolev
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
Metal Invest Gabrovo is a progressive enterprise founded in 2002 in the town of Gabrovo, Bulgaria and is built by a young and reliable team with experience in the manufacture of metal structures and metal products for the industry. The production base of the enterprise is on the main area of ​​1000m2 and an additional base of 900m2 for the finishing.Our production program includes planning, design, production and installation of all types of metal structures of light and medium type, metal railings, metal stairs and metal parts for industry. We work with experienced planning bureaus and specialized companies for connecting transactions, for development, research and complete solutions for the construction of residential buildings, commercial sites and urban infrastructure.