Feretec Kft.

Sector of activity
Fine sheet metal work, Metal processing: Fabrication, Metal processing: Ferrous metals, Metal processing: Semi-finished products
Special equipment
Bender, Laser cutting - flat products, Plasma Cutting equipment, Punching machine, Sheet metal folding machine, Water jet cutting machine
Worked materials
Carbon steel, Ferrous metals, Stainless Steel, Steel
Application market
Building/Construction, Equipment manufacturing, Furniture, Industrial subcontractors, Service provider
Press brake bending with max bending length 4 m,Water jet cutting (working area 3 x 1.5m),Milling and turning services,Laser cutting of flat sheet, max thickness 20 mm carbon steel,Punching on CNC turret press, max thickness 3 mm carbon steel

Company Name
Feretec Kft.
Web site
Budapesti ut 78, 1161, Budapest, Hungary
Contact person
Andrey Ivashchenko
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
Feretec Kft. provides wide range of subcontract metalworking services for customers throughout Europe. Our capabilities include CNC laser and plasma cutting, water jet cutting, punching and bending of metal sheets, welding, milling and turning services, development and design of new products.
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