Euro-Tech Sp. z o.o.

Sector of activity
High precision parts manufacturing - up to 10 cm3, Industrial equipment and accessories , Metal processing: Fabrication, Metal processing: Ferrous metals, Metal processing: Finishing, thermal and surface treatments, Metal processing: Foundry, Metal processing: Machining, Metal processing: Non-ferrous metals, Models/Patterns/Prototypes, Plastics: Semi-finished and finishing products
Special equipment
Drilling / Tapping centres, Lathe CNC - 4 Axes, Turning / milling center, Turning lathe
Worked materials
Non-Ferrous metals, Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Copper , Stainless Steel, Steel, Thermoplastics, Titanium
Application market
Aerospace, Automotive, Building/Construction, Defence/Security/Military, Energy/Nuclear, Engineering/Design/Research, Equipment manufacturing, Fluid management, Furniture, Health/Medical/Pharmaceuticals, Industrial subcontractors, Machine building/Machines tools, Service provider, Shipbuilding and port facilities, Steel/Metals, Telecommunications
Industrial equipment,Aluminium castings,Metal processing, aluminium,CNC machined parts,Bronze Castings
Foundry,Manufacturing of high precision parts housing up to 10 cm3,Casting,Large sized machining,Milling,Precision machining,CNC Turning,CNC Machining,CAD+CAM,Galvanizing treatments, boring, horizontal and vertical drilling,3 and 4 axis center cnc,Large-cnc milling

Company Name
Euro-Tech Sp. z o.o.
Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98
+48 694 149 991
Contact person
Jan Ożdżoński
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
We offer services in the field of machining: CNC turning, CNC milling. We work in various materials: ordinary steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, plastics. We realize large-lot, small-lot and individual orders from own or entrusted material. We make components including galvanic coating or varnishing. The second area of ​​activity is the casting of aluminum and bronze elements. We make casts in sand molds and molds. We are able to perform even the most complex and precise elements in unit quantities or in series. The IMP3rove Assisted Assessment certificate issued by the European Innovation Management Academy EWIV from Dusseldorf is a confirmation of the care for the quality of our production.

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