Cagıral Makina ve Oto Yan San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Sector of activity
Fine sheet metal work, High precision parts manufacturing - up to 10 cm3, Metal processing: Machining, Metal processing: Special machines, Press tools, Welding
Special equipment
3D Laser (cnc ), Cutting press (cnc ), Laser cutting - profiles and tubes (turning ), Laser cutting robot (laser ), Lathe CNC - 16 Axes (cutting ), Other (cutting ), Turning / milling center (laser )
Worked materials
Application market
Automotive, Machine building/Machines tools, Steel/Metals
Machining parts

Company Name
Cagıral Makina ve Oto Yan San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Izmir, Turkey
Contact person
Semiha Cicek
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
Çağıral Makina started its business life in the 1st industrial site in 1987. The journey of Çağıral Makina, which started as a small lathe workshop, was shaped over time and in line with customer expectations; today, it has reached a state where extremely modern production techniques are used with CNC machines and precise quality control processes are involved.As a first step, with the increasing machine capacity, at the beginning of 2000, 600 m2 workshop continued to serve in the 4th Industrial Site. Since 2007, ÖZEŞ company, which has done successful works in its field, has joined the organization. The business volume, which has increased in line with the customer appreciation over the years, has resulted in the transfer of Çağıral Makine to its modern factory located in the Dökümcüler Site today.PRODUCTION:At Çağıral Makina, all kinds of machining works for factories, Hose connection unions, nipples (3/8 ”½” ¼ ”1 ½”) connection sleeves, studs, pins, reductions (1/2 ”1” 1 ¼ ”1 ½ ”…) And roller and reel manufacturing for cement factories.In addition, our production portfolio includes space roof fasteners, spheres and adapters for the construction industry.Call the machine outside Turkey who also studies abroad, especially in Russia and Ukraine natural gas SCREENING firm, underground valves in the manufacture and machining of all kinds of other needs that they are the "main supplier" has the capacity to perform.We hope that you will have an idea about our company ÇAĞIRAL MAKİNA with this short introduction letter we present to your information. In this respect, we believe that we will find the opportunity to work together.At ÇAĞIRAL MAKİNA, which was established in Izmir in 1987, it is one of our basic principles to provide the best service to our customers due to our respect for our work and the meticulousness of our work, and to make sound and low cost work with its quality. ÇAĞIRAL MAKİNA, which adopts the principle of gaining customer satisfaction by offering the best quality service in the most economical conditions, responds to the demands of the companies with its expert staff. ÇAĞIRAL MAKİNA, which sets out with the principle of speed and quality, includes CNC processing centers, universal lathes, sandblasting, CNC turning lathes, packaging and domestic and international logistics operations.Although it is a medium-sized enterprise, it has been recognized in the sector of TALAŞLI MANUFACTURING in a short time thanks to the importance it attaches to quality and the determination to achieve the challenge from the first moment of its establishment and has never given up on these principles.