AQ Lasertool

Sector of activity
Metal processing: Cutting & Drawing , Metal processing: Ferrous metals, Metal processing: Finishing, thermal and surface treatments, Metal processing: Non-ferrous metals, Metal processing: Semi-finished products
Special equipment
Anodizing - Treatment line, Cutting press, Dimensional measuring devices 3D control, Drawing press, Guillotine, Hydraulic press, Laser cutting - flat products, MIG Welding, Passivation - Treatment line, Phosphating - Treatment line, Powder coating - Treatment line, Punching machine (Hydraulic presses up to 400 tonns ), Robotic welding, Spot welder, Thickness gauge, TIG Welding
Worked materials
Non-Ferrous metals, Aluminium, Carbon steel, Copper , Stainless Steel, Steel
Application market
Automotive, Electronics, Equipment manufacturing, Health/Medical/Pharmaceuticals, Industrial subcontractors, Packaging
Stamping and deep drawing, punching and laser cutting, bending, robot- and manual welding, spotwelding, assembling, powder painting and KTL coating

Company Name
AQ Lasertool
Lagre tee 2, Lemmetsa küla 88311 Pärnu linn, Pärnumaa, Estonia
+372 445 95 80
Contact person
Anto Animägi
D.U.N.S Number
VAT number
AQ Lasertool is part of the AQ group, a global company with more than 6000 employees worldwide. AQ Lasertool is acting as a contract manufacturer of sheet metal where we produce parts and system products according to customer drawings with excellent experience and continuous improvements in design and processes during the whole product life cycle. Processes we are offering are following:-Stamping and deep drawing (with deburring/thumbling)-Punching and laser cutting-Bending-Robot and manual welding-Spotwelding-Assembling-Powder painting and ED/KTL coatingWe have 4 production plants and 374 employees. We are reliable and flexible and like demanding customer. We have obtained following certficates: IATF 16949, ISO14001, ISO 3834 - 2, EN 15085 CL1, ISO 9001.